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Fielding position name and location in cricket.

Fielding is one of the most important departments in a cricket match. When bowler takes run-up for bowling, every fielder must concern. If you are a captain, you have to know the name of fielding position. Some tricky positions plays the important rules for match wining. 


When the bowler starts their run-up you must concentrate. If you are the slip then you are getting into a catching stance. Everyone else is walking in with the bowler.

 If you are not chasing the ball or backing up a throw to the stumps get out of the way! Never get between a fielder with the ball and the stumps.

When the ball is hit by the batsman the bowler must get back to the stumps at the non-striker's end and the keeper up to the stumps at the striker's end.

If you are not chasing the ball then you are backing up the bowler/keeper at the stumps or getting out of the way.

"Fine Leg" is just that and not a 'back stop' for the Keeper. You can't see anything if you stand behind the Keeper anyway.

Slip stands wide of the keeper (at least two arm lengths).

The bowler and keeper should never have to chase a ball running along the ground.  

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